Notice Board

Many thanks to those members who did so much at Sunday's work party. We've done some more clearing and started to remove dangerous trees. It was good to see a new member joining us to help. We're doing more on January 22nd ......so please come along and help. 
Thanks. Graeme Cornell. Chairman.2.12.16


The next work party will take place on Sunday 22nd January, any help would be appreciated


Please note: The gate code for the Arun car park has been changed to 1282, apologies for any inconvenience this has caused


December Update:
In reference to the tree that is blocking the path at the west end of Byron. A number of trees fell during the storms earlier this year; one of these trees is blocking the path to the left of swim 10 at the west end of Byron, the tree its self represents a danger, so WDPS are not allowed to work on it, the tree can only be moved by the electricity company, which have already sent engineers to assess it.
Members are reminded that they must not do anything to or attempt to pass the tree blocking the path.

Graeme Cornell. Chairman.2.12.16