Notice Board

Due to the bad weather forecasted, the planned cycle event responsible for the road closures has been cancelled.
Any member who intends to fish during the extreme conditions should be aware that conditions could prove hazardous on the fishery and they need to be extra cautious and vigilant.
The strong winds and rainy conditions could lead to branches or trees falling.

Please be aware that there will be road closures due to Velo South event  the  on Sunday 23rd Sep that will directly affect access to the fishery.
Details can be found @ https://www.velosouth.com/the-route/road-closures/

I know members will wish to join me in thanking all of those who worked tirelessly at Laybrook this weekend. Groups of volunteers worked on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make some fantastic improvements to the fishery. It is very exciting to see newcomers coming to work parties and that bodes very well for the future of the club! Many thanks.

Graeme Cornell Chairman.

Worthing Wednesday town centre market now has a fishing tackle stall, which is run by an Eastbourne angling shop. Very nice stallholders and worth a peep if you’re in town on a Wednesday! Some nice tee shirts and mugs if you’re looking for presents!

Graeme Cornell Chairman.

All members must ensure that nets, mats, weigh slings and cradles are dipped in the disinfectant tanks prior to fishing. Some members seem to have ignored the rule and put the fishery at risk. If you are caught failing to dip you will face disciplinary action.
Graeme Cornell Chairman.

Many thanks to everyone who did so much work at today's work party! It was the best attended session in many years with 20 members working! A great deal was achieved....
Brilliant work guys, many thanks and well done! We just need a few ladies next time!

Graeme Cornell Chairman.