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Worthing & District Piscatorial Society.

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Established in 1955 by a group of local anglers; the club offers a broad spectrum of fishing for specimen, match and pleasure anglers.

Although we own and rent a limited number of waters we believe that we offer some of the best fishing in the local area.

The committee are mostly anglers and long-time members and work closely with the environment agency and local conservation societies to ensure that the waters and surrounding areas are kept as natural as possible

We offer a number of matches each year and recommend that new members try fishing these as they are usually light hearted and you can learn a lot about the waters and methods used to help increase your knowledge.

For those who wish to try the River Arun we offer day tickets which are available from local fishing tackle shops or by phoning Alan Boyd who can also put you in touch with members who fish these waters and who would be more than happy to advise you on the tackle and baits yielding best results

Day tickets are not available for Laybrook to non-members but guest day tickets are available for members wishing to take a friend or family member.

Laybrook lakes


Membership is still open for the 2016/17 season click here for further information

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The next work party will take place on Sunday 20th November, any help would be appreciated

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A huge thanks to all members who worked so hard at the work party this weekend. A massive amount was achieved ranging from tree pruning, branch cutting from our boat, building a sluice, strimming, mowing and digging a new small pond to rear our own stock. Members were kept supplied with teas, coffees, cakes and bacon sandwiches!
It was really heartening to see younger members joining in and with the amount they did... it gives a promising future for the club. Well done and thanks to all of you who helped..... and thanks to our Fishery Management team for managing and organising!
Members are always welcome and encouraged to join work parties....there are always tasks to do whatever your skills are!

Graeme Cornell. Chairman.

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Urgent notice to all members.29.3.2016.

Some damage has occurred at the Laybrook fishery in the last few days. The gate at the entrance has been seriously damaged by a vehicle. It needs to be replaced but at the moment it is still operational until we can purchase and then install a new one. Please take care on entering and leaving the fishery.

Several trees have fallen in the weekend storm. One affected the electricity supply and the electricity board have already sent engineers to look at at. The tree blocking the path at the far end of Byron represents a danger and WDPS are not permitted to touch it or work on it. It can only be moved by the electricity company. Members must not attempt to either do anything to it, or try to get past it.

Similarly we cannot presently do anything to remove the fallen tree nearer to Milton. I would be grateful for all members cooperation for as long as it takes to remedy both situations.

Thanks. . . . Graeme Cornell. Chairman.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Society has been advised during a visit by the EA and an external fishery management consultant that there is no advantage in operating the aerators during the winter. The Committee has therefore decided that they will be turned off from 19/11/2015. The situation will be carefully monitored and in the event of freezing weather, they will be turned on for short periods. (fishery management)

Shelley Lake at the Laybrook Fishery

Arun Angling

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